A list of some relevant books:

Wilcox, Bonnie, and Chris Walkcowicz. Old Dogs, Old Friends: Enjoying Your Older Dog. Howell Book House, 1991.

Hampton, John K. Jr., PhD, and Suzanne Hampton, PhD. Senior Years: Understanding Your Dog's Aging Process. Howell Book House, 1992.

Pinney, Chris. Caring for Your Older Dog. Barrons Educational Series,1995.

Goldston, Richard, and Johnny D HOskins (ed). Geriatrics and Gerontology of the Dog and Cat. W.B.Saunders, Co., 1995.

UC Davis Book of Dogs, HarperCollins, 1995.

Carlson & Giffen, Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, Howell, 1992.

The Merck Veterinary Manual

Volhard & Brown, The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog

Book sources:

Barnes & Noble


E-Mail Lists and Websites

"Our Senior Dogs" E-mail List

Many of the tips and information posted on are derived from or inspired by contributions made to an E-mail list called "Our Senior Dogs." List "Mom" is Jenny Daniel (E-mail: List subscribers all have a common interest in senior dogs. Their postings deal with many aspects of care and concern pertaining to older dogs. We recommend it highly. Of course, you must use your own good judgment in following any advice -- whether given on this page, on an E-mail list, or even by a veterinarian. Click here to subscribe.

"Doghealth" Mailing List

Another mailing list is dedicated to providing information about dog health (both in pure breeds and mixed breeds of all ages) with an emphasis on drugs that can or have caused illness and/or death in dogs. One focus is on the drug Rimadyl (carprofen). However, all issues regarding dogs' health can be addressed on the list. All those who are genuinely concerned and seriously committed to the welfare of dogs are encouraged to join the list. Click here to subscribe.

The VetMed List

This e-mail list also addresses questions of pet health. Although not all of the topics discussed are senior-dog related, it is an interesting list. Again, be careful to evaluate any of the advice or recommendations made.

To subscribe to the list, address an E-mail to:

Leave the subject line blank.

In the body of the message, write:

You will receive a message from the list asking for confirmation of your subscription. Be sure to follow the instructions in this message and the additional guidelines you will receive from the list owners concerning how to post messages to the list, and other aspects of being a good subscriber.

Other E-Mail Lists

See Cindy Tittle Moore's Complete List of Dog-Related E-mail Lists.

ABLEDOGS (formerly ABLEDOX) is an E-Mail group for people who are owned by disabled animals. It was started specifically for Dachshund people who have or are experiencing intervertebral disc disease or other paralysis in their dogs. In the time since its "whelping" the list has grown and now provides support for anyone who loves and is loved by an animal with "special needs" of any kind.

Endless Love is an E-mail list for people who have pets with cancer. Founded by Vicki Roudonis, it is a place to share the good times and the bad, ask questions, and share information. It's open to anyone who has a pet with cancer.


You may be able to find answers to your questions about health and medication for your dog by browsing some of the sites listed below.

Mar Vista Animal Medical Center -- information on canine diseases and ailments

VetInfo website --information about conditions and diseases

Pet Education Network --more than 1500 articles by veterinarians about pet health

Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Information

Dog Owner's Guide to the Internet

University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine Library

American Veterinary Medical Association

Beyond the websites, lists and other resources noted on this page, you will find more listed on the Senior Dogs Project website under the condition or disease name. If you have not already researched by condition or disease in the navigation bar at the left, be sure to do so.

If you can't find a website or E-mail list that matches your interest, try Cindy Tittle Moore's Informational Dog-Related Sites and Lists.