Misty, the 10-year-old Golden Retriever who inspired the Senior Dogs Project

The Senior Dogs Project
..........."Looking Out for Older Dogs" ...........

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
Sydney Jeanne Seward


How to request a listing on srdogs.com for your shelter, rescue group, or placement agency....

As of May 31, 2007, srdogs.com ceased regularly posting new ads for individual senior dogs in need of homes. Although we post ads for individual dogs when we can, we no longer have the man- or womanpower needed to meet the growing demand. Aside from the increase in demand that we can't meet, another reason for our making the decision is as follows:

When we created srdogs.com in 1997, few agencies and shelters had sites of their own, and petfinder.com was in its infancy. The need for an advertising site -- especially for one focused on older dogs -- was clear and apparent. Now, years later, most shelters and rescue groups have sites of their own and/or a page on petfinder.com. If your agency or shelter does not already have its own site or a page on petfinder.com, we encourage you to work on setting up either or both.

While srdogs.com no longer has the ability to regularly post ads for individual dogs, we can and will accept requests for listings of agencies and shelters. If you've advertised with us in the past, your listing is most likely already posted. You can check by visiting your state page and/or the agencies page, or the breed agencies page. If your listing doesn't appear, please use the guidelines below to request a listing.

Also, please be sure to review the special page we have created for rescue group and shelter staff and volunteers. It has suggestions for many methods of advertising and finding new homes for dogs.

How to submit a request for your group's listing:

To submit your request for a listing for your agency or shelter, please send an E-mail to: agencyad @ srdogs.com (Delete spaces in address before sending; these are used here to avoid spam.)

Subject Section of message form (at the top of the form, just below the "To" line): Your City, State, and Name of Your Rescue Group or Shelter

Agency information (100 words or fewer): description of your agency's operations and objectives, website address if you have one, telephone, E-mail address.

If you are not a shelter and/or your agency is less than five years old, please provide a veterinary reference and the name of someone in the field of animal rescue/welfare who knows your agency and the work you do.

You can include a logo or a photo of a currently adoptable dog to accompany your listing. A logo or photo will give you more "presence" among the listings. If you send a photo, please provide the dog's name and brief details about the dog.

If you'd like to see examples of agency listings, go to: http://www.srdogs.com/Pages/agencies.html