Misty, the 10-year-old Golden Retriever who inspired the Senior Dogs Project

The Senior Dogs Project
..........."Looking Out for Older Dogs" ...........

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
Sydney Jeanne Seward



New Haven The Robin I. Kroogman New Haven Animal Shelter is a division of the New Haven Police Department. The goal of the animal shelter and its staff is to service the community as effectively as possible. Members of this unit care for all animals with compassion, using the safest and most humane treatments. Through its partnership with the City of New Haven Humane Commission, The Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter, Inc., and The North Shore Animal League, the shelter sponsors several off-site adoption events throughout the year. Adoptions at the shelter occur year-round. The Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter, Inc., is a vital non-profit organization that provides numerous essential services in support of New Haven's animal shelter community, particularly in terms of promoting animal adoption, raising funds to help cover the costs of sheltering animals, and providing animal socialization. Find out how to become a volunteer. Address: 81 Fournier Street, New Haven, CT 06511. Hours: Monday to Saturday 12:30 - 4:30 p.m. E-mail: fotnhas.info@gmail.com. Phone: 203-946-8110.
Currently available at the New Haven Shelter:
#700 MOCHA
Ten-year-old Mocha is a gentle boy who needs an adult home in which to spend his golden years. Take a moment to watch spritely Mocha's video. New Haven Animal Shelter, 81 Fournier Street, New Haven, CT 06511. NO APPOINTMENTS NEEDED. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING THIS PET PLEASE VISIT THE SHELTER MONDAY - SATURDAY 12:30 - 4:30 OR CALL THE SHELTER AT (203) 946-8110.
Ten-year-old Sanford is a good old dog in need of a loving home in which to spend his golden years. He has some joint issues and walks with a limp but he still gets around nicely. He also loves to be rubbed. Take a moment to watch Sanford's video. New Haven Animal Shelter, 81 Fournier Street, New Haven, CT 06511.NO APPOINTMENTS NEEDED. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING THIS PET PLEASE VISIT THE SHELTER MONDAY - SATURDAY 12:30 - 4:30 OR CALL THE SHELTER AT (203) 946-8110.
Connecticut Humane Society
.... with branches in Newington, Bethany, Waterford, and Westport, tries their best to help senior dogs. There are always some needing adoption at their locations. Visit the site to find the address of the one nearest to your home.

In the photo at the left....recently adopted little lover-dogs, Ginger, a 9 year old Shih Tzu and Muffy, a 14 year old Maltese.

North Haven

Animal Haven, Inc., is a small, private shelter that was incorporated in 1948, dedicated to rescuing and re-homing adoptable animals of all ages. Serving the Greater New Haven area, the group has made a commitment to always have on hand and ready for adoption at least two seniors in need of new homes. Animal Haven, Inc., 89 Mill Road, North Haven, CT 06473. Telephone: 203-239-2641. E-mail: spotsnrotts@snet.net Petlist


Bridgeport Animal Shelter -- There is often pressure on this shelter to euthanize healthy, adoptable animals. The staff does all they can to avoid this. Seniors are always available. Please hurry to the Bridgeport Shelter and take home one of these great dogs if you possibly can! The shelter is at 525 Asylum Street, Bridgeport. Telephone: 203-576-7727. Hours: 10 to 4 Monday through Saturday; 11 to 3 Sunday. Website is at www.bas.pefinder.com


Bloomfield, CT -- The City of Hartford Animal Shelter
Everyone at this shelter is dedicated to helping the animals that are brought in by Hartford Animal Control. ALL DOGS ARE IN AN URGENT SITUATION because they have only ten days to be adopted. If they are not adopted within that short period, they are automatically euthanized. The countdown starts as soon as they enter the shelter. All the dogs are strays, and consequently have no records -- no vaccination records, no spay/neuter information. Please check the website or Facebook page to see dogs currently available for adoption....or just come down to see them in person. You can put a dog on hold for adoption, but you must do it in person. The "LEGAL DAY OF ADOPTION" is the first day the dog can be adopted and the day the dog can be put to sleep if no home is lined up for the dog. Don't waste a minute! Telephone: 860-757-4395. Email: pizon67@yahoo.com

West Cornwall

West Cornwall, CT (near Torrington, CT) -- The Little Guild of St. Francis for the Welfare of Animals is a no-kill shelter in West Cornwall, CT (in the hills of Litchfield County). There is generally always a senior dog in residence, as there is no age discrimination. All dogs are rescued from area pounds and must pass a temperament test before being placed for adoption. Located on Rt. 128 in West Cornwall, CT. Hours are Wed-Fri, noon - 4pm and Sat/Sun, 11am - 4pm.

West Haven

West Haven, CT -- West Haven Animal Shelter will usually be housing a senior or two. Please see the website or hone: 203-937-3642 (leave message if no one answers). E-mail: Pounddogs@yahoo.com


Norwalk, CT -- PAWS is a 501(3)(C)non-profit, no-kill animal shelter incorporated in 1962. Located in Norwalk, CT, and dedicated to the rescue and placement of homeless cats and dogs. E-mail: paws@pawsct.org, Telephone: 203-750-9572. Please visit the website.

Milford, Stratford, West Haven

Senior Pets states: "We realize that companion animals are essential to keeping people healthy and vibrant and to reducing blood pressure and stress. Often older people need and want animals to give them love and companionship throughout their golden years. We recognize that pets can be expensive if one is on disability, Social Security, or limited income. We at Seniors Pets will work with Shelters to provide you a loving pet that fits you...for people 55 years or older. Senior Pets works with the following shelters in locating senior pets for senior citizens: Milford Animal Control, Silver Sand Beach, Conn. State Park; Stratford Animal Shelter, 9 Frog Pond Lane, Stratford, CT; West Haven Animal Shelter, 7 Collis St., West Haven, CT.


Sadie Mae Foundation Animal Rescue League Inc., Manchester, CT, is a non-profit (501c3) rescue organization. We are a small group of individuals, dedicated to rescuing animals from local shelters when they have run out of time and are in danger of euthanasia. The Sadie Mae Foundation partners with local pounds and shelters that must use euthanasia for various reasons, such as overcrowding. On occasion we will offer assistance to long distance pounds and shelters. We rescue as many animals as we are able to, regardless of breed, age or those with special needs.

Valley Dog Rescue E-mail List and Website

-- a forum for rescuers in New England, Eastern NY, NJ and the rest of the Northeast

You may also wish to check the list of breed rescue agencies.