Misty, the 10-year-old Golden Retriever who inspired the Senior Dogs Project

The Senior Dogs Project
..........."Looking Out for Older Dogs" ...........

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
Sydney Jeanne Seward


New York

Sag Harbor, NY -- Sweet "Daisy" is in perfect health. Except for some arthritis, her bloodwork and x-rays reveal no health issues. She is an 8-10 year old Shepherd mix. Gentle, shy, loves dogs, kids, car rides, and walks. She has a lot of love to give to the right person. She is vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed. Contact: 631-539-4868 or jjbubbles28@yahoo.com

New York City
New York

This no-kill shelter with three locations has served New York City with compassion and dedication for more than a century. Their website and newsletter are outstanding.

New York

Animal Haven
Animal Haven is a no-kill shelter for abandoned animals in New York City. Their mission is to place cats and dogs in loving homes and to give lifetime care for animals who can't be placed. They are a source for family pets, a care facility for senior dogs and cats, and a sanctuary for pets whose owners have asked that they be cared for after they have passed away.

New York

New Yorkers for Companion Animals (NYCA)
is a small, nonprofit, volunteer run organization based in New York City's upper east side. The cats and dogs we have up for adoption are all rescued animals. Many are former pets abandoned at city pounds, found on the streets or given up by their owners. Regardless of how an animal comes to us, we provide food, shelter, and medical care. Phone: (212) 427-8273; E-mail: NYFCA@aol.com

New York Posh Pets Rescue is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of homeless animals, many of whom are rescued at the very last moment from euthanasia at the city shelters. We provide safe haven to all those who find their way to us through whatever circumstance, whether abandoned, injured or neglected. No matter the breed, health or age, we believe that all should live secure, healthy lives and we work tirelessly in our attempts to find the right homes with people who will love their pets for a lifetime. Phone: 917-319-4304; email: mslondonspets@aol.com
New York

Sentient Creatures is a non-profit animal rescue group that functions exclusively on contributions from the public. Sentient Creatures does not operate a physical shelter to house those rescued, and are therefore always in need of loving, safe, foster homes for these special dogs. Founded in 1994 to expand the work of animal rescue begun by Chitra Besbroda in 1973, Sentient Creatures is the only group dedicated to consistently rescuing Harlem's abandoned, abused, and neglected "junkyard dogs." In the 27 years since Chitra first began her rescue efforts, Sentient Creatures has rescued and placed more than 3500 of these abused and abandoned animals in loving homes. Sentient Creatures, Inc. PO Box 765, Cathedral Station, New York, NY, 10025. Phone: 212-865-5998 E-mail: junkyard_dogs@hotmail.com

New York

Stray from the Heart is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of homeless dogs...providing shelter, veterinary care and loving homes for abandoned, lost, neglected and abused animals. Stray from the Heart, PO Box 11, New York, NY 10024-0011. E-mail: info@strayfromtheheart.org

New York State

Homeward Bound is a nonprofit dog rescue organization, rescuing dogs who have been turned over to shelters, surrendered to their own surrender program and rescued from puppy mills. Homeward Bound dogs live in a foster home until they are ready to move into your home. This foster arrangement allows the dogs to learn to live in a home, and also provides the opportunity to appropriately match families with the dogs. All dogs are up to date on shots and have seen a vet. All Homeward Bound Dogs are spayed/neutered (or must be after adoption), and dogs in the adoptive home must also be spayed/neutered. Phone: 518-424-1738; Email: mail@homewardbounddogrescue.com

Brookhaven The Brookhaven Animal Shelter has been serving this Long Island community since 1984, when the shelter was built. Originally designed to house 77 dogs, the count often now exceeds 100. Director Ashley Boyd writes: "The population of the township and the animals in it have grown exponentially while the shelter size has remained the same. ... I have tried for as long as possible to keep this shelter from euthanizing for space....We have dogs stacked in crates and in rooms that don't usually hold animals. It seems we have absolutely no options other then reaching out to rescues or euthanizing." This shelter has an outstanding program for community outreach, but it is in crisis now. There are dogs of all ages available for adoption, including seniors.
Buffalo/Rochester Paws'n'Claws, phone: (585)234-1608, email: pawsnclaws2005@yahoo.com
Elmsford Elmsford Animal Shelter is a no-kill facility and has numerous senior dogs for adoption. It is the largest no-kill animal shelter in NY state. There are many wonderful senior dogs available for adoption....small sized seniors (such as Chihuahuas and Miniature Pinschers) as well as larger senior dogs (such as Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds). While all the seniors get plenty of love and attention at this wonderful shelter, they'd be so much happier in a loving, adoptive home. Phone: (914) 592-7334; Email: info@elmsfordanimalshelter.com

Goshen Humane Society, phone: (845) 294-3984; email: ghsi@frontiernet.net; their S.A.I.N.T. Program matches senior dogs with senior citizens. E-mail: Diane Novack, grantman@frontiernet.net

Hempstead Wilma's Orphans, Hempstead, NY Telephone: (516) 485-5875; E-mail: wilma@inn-home.com

Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center is always there for the special needs cases and seniors. If you would like to help or adopt a very special dog, you're sure to find one on this website. Phone: 631-368-8770; Email: info@littleshelter.com

Little Falls Community Animal Programs (C.A.P.), phone: (315) 823-2323; email: cadhopson@hotmail.com

Pets Alive Inc., in the Catskills, is a not-for-profit no-kill sanctuary which does NOT believe that euthanasia is the final solution. At any given time more than 40% of their dogs are seniors. There are many and varied breeds and mixed breeds. This organization was founded because an elderly, abandoned Golden Retriever saved the founder's 18-month-old son's life in 1972. They will take in ANY Golden -- age is NOT a consideration. They are all welcome to spend their very golden years with our family. Phone: (845) 386-9738

Morris Glen Highland Farm, 217 Pegg Road, Morris, NY 13808; phone: (607) 263-5415; email sweetbcrescue@citlink.net
North Branch

Oasis Animal Sanctuary
Founded in 1998, and located on 60-plus acres of land in upstate New York, Oasis Animal Sanctuary is the home of many victims of animal abuse---cats, dogs, pigs, pigeons, chickens, rabbits and more. Many of the cats and dogs are rescued from the streets of New York City. Oasis strives to offer the best possible care and service to residents. Oasis is a no-kill animal sanctuary. Potential adopters must fill out an adoption application. There is a $100 donation fee required for dogs at time of adoption ($50 for cats). Telephone (845) 482-5161 or E-mail: info@oasissanctuary.org.

Port Washington

North Shore Animal League America
Barbara Bowser (yup! that's her real name!) administers a grant that helps old and special-needs dogs. She says, "Old age is not a disease; it's just old age." Telephone: (516) 883-7900, Ext. 230.

Port Washington The Shelter Connection is the volunteer organization at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter. "We supply trained volunteers as adoption advisors and dog handlers. Our main goal is to increase both the number and quality of adoptions. We also sponsor the 'Mend-A-Paw' fund for special medical and surgical needs of the shelter dogs."

Animal Service League
Founded in 1953, the Animal Service League is an all-volunteer organization concerned with the rescue, care and welfare of homeless domestic animals in the Rochester, New York, area. Cats, dogs, birds and other domestic animals in need of shelter and veterinary help are cared for until they can be restored to their original owners or new homes found. No animal is ever destroyed for lack of a permanent home. The animals are cared for on a temporary basis in our Haven Homes until they are ready to be placed in a permanent home. When available for adoption, the animals are shown at "Adoption Day" events held most weekends at various area merchants. The web site and our business line (585) 234-7275 can give you the exact times and locations for these events. Email: animalserviceleague@hotmail.com

Sprakers Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter
133 Hilltop Road, Sprakers, NY 12166. Telephone: 518-673-5670. E-mail: ayres673@hotmail.com Open Tues through Sat 12-5 pm, Wed to 7 pm. Closed Sun and Mon.
Utica Stevens-Swan Humane Society of Oneida County, Utica, NY. Telephone: (315) 738-4357. E-mail: info@stevens-swan.org
Williamsburg Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC) is a 501c3 not-for-profit, no-kill, privately funded animal shelter, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Established in 1987, BARC receives no subsides from the city, state, or federal government. Phone: 718-486-7489; Email: tonybarc@aol.com
Yonkers Yonkers Animal Shelter, located at 120 Fullerton Avenue in Yonkers, New York is a municipal shelter run by the City of Yonkers. Phone: 914-377-6730. The Rescue and Adoption Coordinator writes, "We are a low kill shelter and rarely put down a dog due to age (only in cases of terminal illness).
The Yonkers Animal Shelter needs volunteers to help take animals to adoption fairs. Dogs over "a certain age" are routinely left behind at the shelter while the younger dogs are taken to the fairs. If you can volunteer, please be sure to specify that you wish to concentrate on the older dogs and to take one of them to an upcoming adoption fair. In the photo at the left is one of the beautiful older dogs currently being left behind. The older dogs will not have long before they are euthanized, so please don't hesitate to contact the shelter right away to ask about volunteering. See information on how to volunteer.

Looking for a specific breed? Purebreds are available from almost every shelter and all-breed rescue agency. But you may also want to check breed-specific rescue groups.

German Shepherd Rescue -- New Jersey, Delaware Valley, Manhattan, Eastern Pennsylvania, northern New York

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary (New Jersey)
A statement from Jim Dascoli, President: "In November 2014, Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary (New Jersey) began our mission to help rescue and re-home adult and senior German Shepherd and mixes in New Jersey and surrounding areas. During the five years I served as President of Garden State German Shepherd Rescue, the percentage of senior dogs rescued by GSGSR increased from 7% of total dogs placed, to 24% of total dogs placed. For me it was only natural that whatever I did following my time as President of GSGSR, I would focus on senior and adult dogs. Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary has two primary goals: to help rescue and find homes for adult and senior German Shepherd dogs in need throughout New Jersey and to help support other rescue and shelter organizations in the Northeast finding homes for German Shepherd dogs that wish to work with us. Today we are a virtual sanctuary, working as a foster based rescue and partnering with other rescue organizations to find forever homes. Someday we hope to have our own facility, but until then we are always looking for foster homes to help save a good dog's life. We would like to be listed on your website so that adopters looking to foster or adopt a senior dog will know about us. If you have any questions or need any additional information or references please let me know. We are a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit organization listed with the New Jersey Division of charities." Adoption area includes: New Jersey, Delaware Valley, Manhattan, Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern New York. We will also consider Connecticut. Find us on Facebook.