Misty, the 10-year-old Golden Retriever who inspired the Senior Dogs Project

The Senior Dogs Project
..........."Looking Out for Older Dogs" ...........

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
Sydney Jeanne Seward


Success Stories

We hope you'll enjoy reading these selected success stories. It's not possible to list all the dogs who happily get adopted; we wish we could, but there just isn't time to do it. Nor is it possible to thank everyone -- volunteers, shelter workers, and just plain-old, compassionate "folks" -- who help make these adoptions possible. However, we do need to thank, in particular, Mary Murphy, our wonderful volunteer who is responsible for posting ads; and Laura London, Robyn Orloff, Sarah Ramm, and Jude Fine. Thanks also to members of the Senior-L and Rescue E-mail lists who provide valuable leads in our pursuit of new homes and transportation.

Update 1.11.08: Buddy was adopted by Linda Karpf.

Poor Buddy's life almost ended in the early morning hours of Thursday, January 10, 2008. It appeared as though he had once had a good life, but no one claimed him after he was brought to the shelter, and so he was scheduled for euthanasia. A mix of Shepherd and Hound, he is a handsome, winsome, wonderful K-9 gentleman, and he plans to live happily ever after with Linda Karpf and her human and canine family.


Name: Scruffy
Mix/Breed: Terrier mix
Sex/Age/Weight: Male, 14 years
Health: Good health. Up to date on shots.
History/Personality: Scruffy has a sad story and we hope there is someone who has a place in their heart and home for him. He is a fourteen year old terrier. He is a bit confused and very heartbroken. He has lived in the same home since he was just a puppy, until his guardians moved to another state and decided they didn't have room for him. How anyone can have a loyal companion for all those years and then do this, is beyond my comprehension. They knew when they surrendered him to the shelter that his chances of being adopted were very slim because of his age. Scruffy is very loveable and you would never know he is fourteen years old. He gets around like he is just five. He loves people, other dogs, and even cats. He is good with older children. Scruffy is good with most other dogs, male and female, though he does not seem to like Cocker Spaniels. This sweet little dog is in need of a home where he will know true love and where he will never have to part with those he loves again. He is truly heartbroken and needs someone to love. Will it be YOU?
Adoption Fee: $125.00
Agency/Contact info: Secluded Hearts Rescue,
Smithsburg, Maryland (240) 455-0811; E-mail: secludedhearts@secludedhearts.org

August 2007: "You had done a courtesy listing for Scruffy, one of our dogs. Thanks to you, he has since been adopted. So I am requesting removal of his bio. Thanks so much, Lynn."
Near Atlanta, GA -- Heartbreaker! An old guy who just wants to please.....

Dekalb County Animal Control, Decatur, GA. He's in cage 305, Intake number 8713. The volunteer who photographed him wrote: "This guy really breaks my heart. He's older and wobbly, with bad hips and a bowlegged walk...but he still looked up at us to see if there was anything he could do to please us. If there was ever a face saying 'please don't leave me,' it's his."

Can you possibly take this sweet older guy into your family? Telephone: 404-294-2996. E-mail: wmboss@comcast.net

July 2007: "He was adopted Friday! His new name is Moses. Thank you so much for posting him on your site!!! I received four inquiries about him through my e-mail. I have no idea how many calls the shelter got on him, but one of the ladies who contacted me by e-mail adopted him. Bless your heart for helping the seniors! -- Linda"
New York -- Purebred Basset Hound "Fred" -- loves being on the sofa with you watching "Animal Planet"

Name: Fred
Mix/Breed: Basset Hound
Sex/Age/Weight: Male, 9 years, 45 lbs.
Health: Neutered. Up to date on shots. For additional health information, contact the agency listed below.
History/Personality: Fred is an energetic, 9-year-young basset hound anxiously awaiting a new home. His guardian died and her son-in-law took Fred to a pound to be euthanized. Fortunately, he was rescued and is now in a kennel. But he clearly misses his earlier life. This lean, muscular guy would make an affectionate and devoted companion, ready for anything, from a hike in the woods to watching Animal Planet with you on the sofa. Best in a home where he is the only dog with someone who will give him regular exercise, good food and not leave him alone all day. Is there a place in your home for Fred?
Adoption Fee: $200.00
Agency/Location/Contact info: Pomona Park Kennels 200 Quaker Road, Pomona, NY 10970. Telephone: (845) 354-2138. Also, Steve at (973) 627-5427.E-mail: amgaudio@optonline.net or sdcarr@optonline.net

June 2007: "I am happy to report that Fred the basset hound from Pomona, NY has found a home in northern NJ with three other basset hounds. He's a happy guy and seems years younger. Thanks so much for the great exposure your Web site offered Fred and all the great work you do for those senior dogs who need help the most." -- Steve Carr

Name: Maxwell
Mix/Breed: Labrador Retriever
Sex/Age/Weight: Neutered Male, 10 years, 60 lbs
Health/Personality: Maxwell is a 10 year old black Lab whose owner died and made no provisions for Maxwell. So the family dumped Max at the local shelter. Maxwell is terrified of shelter life and actually trembles in his kennel. He was an indoor/outdoor dog, HOUSEBROKEN and slept on the bed. He is good with other dogs (lived with some) and stayed home alone, up to 8 hours very successfully. Maxwell loves riding in cars and walks politely on a leash. I take Maxwell out for walks and he doesn't take his eyes off me, very attentive and gentle. He is not a jumper or digger. Maxwell has a lipoma (fatty lump) on his left rear thigh. The vet said it doesn't have to be removed except for cosmetic reasons. It doesn't bother Maxwell, he walks just fine and even lies on that side. Maxwell is in grave danger in the shelter.... not sure how much more time he has. He would be a wonderful dog for somebody with a big heart and lots of love to give a senior citizen. Max still has some great years ahead of him. UPDATE 9/7: Maxwell has been rescued from the shelter and is now in foster care. He still needs a permanent home asap. His situation is temporay and Max would be a great companion for somebody. He is active, alert and loves his walks. Max is housebroken and sleeps on the bed, a great house dog and good watchdog too. Please call Denise if you can open you heart and home for the last years of Max's sweet life.
Adoption Fee: $100
Agency/ Contact info: Please contact Denise (foster Mom) at 510-482-0663.

January 2006: "Maxwell found a wonderful home thanks to Senior Dogs Project. We can't thank you enough." PattyO, Rescue Volunteer, Oakland Animal Shelter

Name: Sasha
Mix/Breed: Australian Shepherd
Sex/Age/Weight: Female, 7 years, 40 lbs.
Health: Sasha is in good health. She is currently being treated for an ear infection.
History/Personality: Sasha is a very sweet, gentle soul. She came to our shelter as an 'owner' surrender - and it was a good thing too since she was neglected and her people 'forgot' to keep on loving her as she got older. This delightful girl is great with (in fact loves) children and is quite cat friendly. Sasha is spayed and is housebroken. This sweet girl needs a home she can count on and people who will love her forever.
Adoption Fee: $55.00.
Agency/Contact info:
The Humane Society of Preble County, Eaton, Ohio (25 miles from Dayton). Telephone: 937/456-PETS (7387);
E-mail: adoptprebleco@yahoo.com

November 2005 -- Adoption Report: "Your site is a wonderful service. Our shelter has placed two dogs through you. The best part is that I can use these victories as proof that we should give the older dogs a chance and keep them for a longer period at our shelter. Thanks, again." Vallerie Wellin, Humane Society of Preble County


Name: Wilson
Mix/Breed: Vizsla
Sex/Age/Weight: Male, 8 years, 60 lbs.
Health: Up to date on shots.
History/Personality: WILSON came to us as a shelter stray. He is golden rust with a proper tail dock, dew claws removed. He settles down nicely in the house and is crate trained but he does a bit of counter cruising and needs basic obedience. He has no sense of anyone else's personal space and doesn't understand why other dogs growl at him when he sits on them because Wilson is a very friendly guy and is always happy to share a toy, his food and especially his space on the couch... or their space on the couch as the case may be! He is not good with cats. Wilson might be 8-yrs old based on some growths on his eyelids and a touch of white in his coat but he is one of the most playful *pups* we've fostered and his teeth are pearly white. He enjoys packing a toy in his mouth, moving everyone's blankies from crate to crate, does a little counter cruising and needs lots of work on basic obedience, people focus exercises and off leash recall.
Adoption Fee: $125.00
Agency/Location/ Contact Info: UT-ID Vizsla Rescue, Boise, ID, Telephone: 208.343.6620 h or 208.334.0313 w. E-mail: pfenton3 @ aol.com (remove spaces in address before sending)

October 2005 -- Adoption Report: Wilson wanted to thank you for helping him find a wonderful retirement home. Here is a picture of him with his new play buddy, a 10-yr old drathaar named Brownie. Thank you so much for your site! Penny Fenton, UT-ID Vizsla Rescue, Boise ID


Name: Gert
Breed: Beagle mix
Sex/Age/Weight: Female, 8 years+, 30 lbs.
Health: In good health. Not spayed. For additional health information, contact the agency listed below.
History/Personality: Gert is gentle, quiet, and somewhat inactive older dog (the inactive part may in part be cause by her present circumstances). She is in a smallish cage among many other cages where the sounds of barking may be a bit overwhelming for an older dog. Still, she remains calm and unperturbed. Gert is a light and dark gray and white Beagle mix with the sweetest of dispositions. She would love to live out her remaining days with the love of a special someone, on the soft cushions of a special home.
Adoption Fee: $55.00
Agency/Location/Contact info: Humane Society of Preble County, Eaton, Ohio. Telephone: (937) 456-PETS. E-mail: wellinv@muohio.edu

September 2005 -- Adoption Report: "Just want you to know that Gert was adopted and it probably wouldn't have happened without your site. We love Gert so much and we wanted to give her a chance to be adopted- and we didn't think that it was likely to happen locally. It turned out that a wonderful couple from Cincinnati saw her online and wanted her to join their family. I can't tell you how much this adoption means to us. You guys are miracle workers. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Valerie Wellin
Humane Society of Preble County

Name: Quiche
Mix/Breed: Rottie/Shepherd Mix
Sex/Age/Weight: Female, 8-ish, overweight at 70lbs
Health: All shots except Rabies, which can be given before adoption.
History/Personality: Quiche is a lover girl who never missed a meal. She is very sweet and very friendly, likes everybody she meets. She doesn't mind other dogs either; she's just a care-free kinda girl. Quiche is at the Oakland Shelter and is in danger of being put to sleep because she is overweight and walks slowly. If she lost some weight, she would be the perfect dog and probably walk just fine. She is a little stiff when she first gets up but once she gets warmed up she does fine. The shelter has her marked to euthanize due to her older dog walk. Quiche would make a wonderful and loyal companion. She is a very mellow girl -- likes her walks, but also likes her naps. She is also very gentle and quiet, has good manners and is very easy to handle. Other than that bit of extra weight and a slow gait, Quiche is in excellent health. She has some good years left. All she needs is a good, safe home and a little less food. That isn't asking for much for a lot of love in return.
Adoption Fee: $80 or less if neutered
Agency/Location/Contact Info: Laurie Burke @ 510-658-7534 or Patty O @ 510-339-6565 or 707-884-1519 or email : Pattyf2000@aol.com
Quiche is at the Oakland Shelter but not in the adoption area, so either Laurie or Patty will have to arrange for a visit with her. We are available anytime, just call us please!

November 2004-- Adoption report: "Hi Folks, Thanks again for helping me save another wonderful senior companion, Quiche. Quiche drove away on Tuesday with her new mother and will spend the rest of her life in Sacramento. She will have a couple other companions as well. Quiche was adopted just hours before she was going to be put to sleep for being too old to adopt. It was felt that becaise she walked too slow and had a limp, she would be unadoptable. But they were wrong, thanks to the Senior Dogs Project. You have proven them wrong a few times before and I hope many more.Thanks so very very much !!!!" -- Patty O.
Pekingese -- male, blind, at the Oakland shelter. He is so sweet and loving. He adores being held and will let you pet him all over. Poor thing can't see anything, not even the flash on a camera. He has a crust over the left eye and a cataract in the right. Otherwise he appears to be in good condition. Champagne color and most likely older, judging from his eye condition -- but very alert and affectionate. The shelter staff is getting very worried that he won't be adopted before his time runs out. Please call Laurie Burke 510-658-7534 or Patty O 510-339-6565. October 2004-- Adoption report: "This little blind Pek found a wonderful home because of you folks. He is living across the street from the Capitol in Sacramento and gets 3 walks a day. Winston is the little man's name and we both thank you a million times. Patty O., Laurie, Burke"
Two of the sweetest Terriers are currently at the Oakland shelter, and urgently in need of homes:

L-6 #170063 had a bath the other day and a nice walk in the sunshine. What a doll and lap dog! -- but she likes to walk too.

October 2004 -- Adoption report: "Thanks so much for placing P-1 and L-6 on you web site. They are both in good hands, thanks to you folks. L-6, the terrier with a heart murmur, was adopted by a lady with a heart murmur and they are both on the same medications. They are perfect for each other -- both super sweet. -- Patty O., Laurie Burke"

P-1 is the cutest thing to hit Oakland in a long time. Sooooo sweet and affectionate!


Name: Rufus
Mix/Breed: Retriever/Husky mix
Sex/Age/Weight: Male, 10 years, 56 lbs.
Health: Neutered. Up to date on shots. Takes twice daily thyroid medication.
History/Personality: Rufus was discovered in a shelter. He seemed resigned to the usual fate for a dog of his age and neglected condition. Once out of the shelter, however, he showed a zest for life. With the help of dedicated veterinarians and a loving foster home, Rufus has made a complete turnaround. He has trimmed down and firmed up, weighs about 60 lbs, and sports a soft, fuzzy bleach blond coat. He has a youthful appearance and, though he's 10 or so years of age, people often ask if he is a puppy! Rufus has impeccable housemanners, enjoys brisk walks, car rides and the company of other dogs. Rufus is looking for a comfortable retirement with a family committed to maintaining his new, healthy lifestyle. No cats or young children.
Adoption Fee: Application, home visit and adoption donation required.
Agency/Location/Contact info: Golden Retriver Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue, PO Box 1511, La Canada, CA 91012 - (818) 700-5200. A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Email: info@grcglarescue.org

October 2004 -- Adoption report: "Rufus found a home as a result of your site and posting! He can be removed. Thanks so very much! -- Sanay"

Name: Samson
Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Sex/Age/Weight: Male, 8 years, 85 lbs
Health: Neutered. Up to date on shots. For additional health information, contact the agency listed below.
History/Personality: Samson is a charmer! He was surrendered to a shelter along with a Jack Russell Terrier when his family moved into a new house with professional landscaping. The dogs went to a kill shelter for the sake of the landscaping. The Jack wouldn't let Sam eat! So he didn't eat for a week. Then he came here and he eats just fine. He is a non-confrontational, laid-back gentleman who gets along with all girls and just loves a good ear scratch.
Adoption Fee: $100.00 (senior rate)
Agency/Location/Contact info: Sleddog Rescue Spring City, TN. Telephone: 423-365-6039. E-mail: sleddog @ pobox.com (remove spaces in address before sending)

August 2004 -- Adoption report: "This dog was adopted! Someone saw the ad on srdogs.com within one week and drove up after we passed their application. THANKS!" -- Sidney Helen Sachs, Malamutes and Siberians -- 501c3 Sleddog Rescue, Tennessee


Name: Sheeba
Mix/Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
Sex/Age/Weight: Female, 8 years, 60 lbs.
Health: Spayed. Up to date on shots, Heartworm negative. Left eye has severely limited vision from an old eye injury.
History/Personality: Sheeba is quite a gentle, devoted and sweet companion. This houseplant wants nothing more than to relax inside her home near her special person or family. Sheeba has perfect house manners. She is quite a trust-worthy house companion. Sheeba is fabulous with other animals of all types and with children. Sheeba loves walks on her leash. She has been leash-trained, and will quickly do her business then return back inside with you; therefore a fenced yard is not necessary for Sheeba. Sheeba is a delightful lady to have around your home.
Adoption Fee: $90.00
Agency/Location/Contact info: Our Lady of Mercy's Catnip Cottage, Summerville, SC. Telephone: (843) 729-3967. E-mail: mdellolio@sc.rr.com

August 2004 -- Adoption report: "Thank you SO much for the fabulous ad you placed for us on Sheeba, and for her special placement. I am MOST thrilled to tell you that Sheeba is now home. She was adopted Sunday to someone in SC under our Special Blessings Program. This senior woman lives alone and suffers from Epilepsy. Someone had tried to break into her house a few nights before she contacted us. Her family was very concerned for their mother's safety, living alone out in the country. They feared her loneliness and stress from fear of the attempted breakin might cause a seizure and she would be alone. The woman needed a very well-mannered, calm-natured, affectionate companion that would also be a good protective companion over her. Sheeba would help ease the loneliness of living alone. She might even learn to tune into the woman's oncoming seizures and alert her to them, as they live together and get to know each other well. Sheeba's deep, rumbling Lab bark surely commands respect and fear from the unsuspecting and ininvited person approaching her property. And Sheeba's loving, attentive and well-mannered personality is just what this lovely woman needs. She needed Sheeba just as surely as Sheeba needed a home. Sheeba knew she had an important job to do. She came over to me, lay her head in my lap affectionately as though saying good-bye. Then walked over to her new companion and lay quietly at her feet until they left. Thank you for helping this happy ending. Senior dogs are not simply waiting for places to die - Sheeba had a very important job ahead of her and her work here was not finished yet. She is exactly what this woman needed, because she surely would not take a puppy or young dog with so much energy! I am grateful again for your help. You can happily place Sheeba under Happy Endings! Maureen Dell'Olio Director Our Lady of Mercy's Catnip Cottage www.catnipcottage.petfinder.com (843)729-3967"


Name: Haley
Mix/Breed: Unknown mix
Sex/Age/Weight: Female, 14 years
Health: Up to date on shots. Haley was found with mange. She is hard of hearing. For additional health information, contact the agency listed below.
History/Personality: Haley came to the Shelter as a stray in March 2004. She was in very poor condition with mange and very long nails. She's a very sweet dog, small in size. Haley needs to put on some weight. Although she clearly has been through a great deal of mistreatment, she remains optimistic that someone will want to spend some quality time with her and to give her lots of love to make up for her past life.
Adoption Fee: $60.00
Agency/Location/Contact info: Ayres Shelter, phone 518-673-5670, e-mail ayres673@hotmail.com

April 2004 -- Adoption report: "I was at the Shelter today when Haley was picked up! She was seen on your website. Thank you!.... It's a wonderful thing to see a 14-year-old dog find a home." Nancy Bell, Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter, Sprakers, NY.


April 2004 -- Adoption report: "I wanted to send an amazing update! Sarge, aka 'Sergeant,' has now been adopted! He found his amazingly loving forever home today, and we are soooo happy! They are amazing, and he took right to them! I have to say thank you for all the wonderful work you do for these older souls in need! You have helped to find so many senior pups new homes! Thank you!!!!!
Barbi Carroll and Sarge!"
Labrador Retriever Club and Rescue of Utah
(801) 426-5414

Photo at left shows Sarge smiling after he went to his new home. Photo below was taken when he was sad as he awaited his new home.

Name: Sergeant
Mix/Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
Sex/Age/Weight: Male, 7 years young, 60 pounds
Health: Neutered, current on shots, excellent health
History/Personality: This smiling, handsome boy is named Sergeant. He is a lovable, happy, healthy, energetic, black Lab. He is 7 years old, in excellent health, has good teeth, and a great coat. He loves to retrieve, go swimming, go on car rides, and just to be with people. He is so happy and friendly, and loves all people, kids, and animals. He has the sweetest nature and will make the perfect companion to a family with young kids! He is neutered, current on his shots, de-wormed, heartworm free, and micro-chipped! He is housbroken, and knows all his basic obedience, and is great on leash! His adoptive family had unexpected allergies, and sweet Sarge needs a new forever home!
Adoption Fee: Contact agency listed below.
Agency/Location/Contact Information: Labrador Retriever Club and Rescue of Utah, Orem, UT. Telephone: 801-426-5414 Website: http://utahlabrescue.petfinder.com


Name: Chrissy & Sadie
Mix/Breed: Collie
Sex/Age/Weight: Females, 9 & 10 years Health: Spayed. Up to date on shots. In excellent health.
History/Personality: Chrissy & Sadie were unwanted and terribly ignored after a family breakup. These two girls are the perfect companions for anyone looking for a little love times two. These two beauty queens are in excellent health. While they have grown up together and we prefer they be adopted together, they can be separated for the right homes. If you have room in your heart to love one dog, you may have just enough to provide a long and loving home to these gorgeous girls who require lot of hugs and just a lil' daily primping.
Adoption Fee: Contact agency.
Agency/Location/Contact info: Please call Kathy or Rick, Country Pride Rescue, at 413-267-4430 to find more about these two girls or E-mail at collies @ samnet.net (remove spaces in address before sending)

February 2004 -- Adoption report: "Just wanted to let you know that Chrissy and Sadie (the two rough collies) from Massachusetts have a home in MA. The adopters saw them posted on your site and their references checked out, so now the collies have a loving home. Thanks for posting them." Rick and Kathy Garner Monson, MA Country Pride Collie Rescue


Adoption Report:

In August 2003, we received the following E-mail message: "I'm a senior dog supporter (I have four black lab mixes, two 11 year olds, a 14 year old and a 15 year old) and volunteer with a local shelter and rescue group. I know how hard it is to adopt out these guys. I am writing to provide an update about a dog I see listed in your 'Dogs Needing Homes' section for New Jersey. He's listed as 'Newark, NJ -- Dog #5098 Stands Out in the Crowd' (now called Jim). Three weeks ago I received an e-mail about this old man and instantly fell in love. I went through the adoption process and had the honour of being selected to be his forever home. Last weekend I drove to New Jersey from my home in North Carolina and he's now living out his last few months (unfortunately a vet check last week determined he has untreatable cancer) being spoiled rotten. Joanne L."

In November 2004, we received the following sad update:"It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the passing of Gentleman Jim. I adopted him from the Associated Humane Society in Newark, New Jersey in August 2003. He had been listed on your site, and his beautiful face still looks out at me when I visit your success stories. In August 2003 an oncologist gave him 1-3 months to live. I was blessed with14 months before the tumour affected his quality of life to the extent that I had to have him euthanised.I still miss him terribly although each day does get easier."

ADOPTED! Knoxville, TN

Star, Dumped at the Shelter to be Euthanized Because the Other Family Dog Attacks Her!!

May 2003 -- Star is an 8-year-old female, medium-sized mix -- a sweet dog who was attacked twice by another dog in her family. That's the reason her family gave for wanting her to be euthanized. The shelter vet absolutely refused to do it...no medical/behavioral reason. This nice girl needs a family to give her lots of love and reassurance, as well as a weight loss plan. The $75 adoption fee includes: spay, all shots except rabies (which her adopters should get at their own vet), heartworm test, fecal exam, de-worming, microchip, vet check. Telephone: 865-215-6599. E-mail: KarenR2482@aol.com Shelter address: 3111 Division Street, Knoxville, TN 37919. Time is of the essence.

Adoption Report: E-mail received May 2003:

"Star has been adopted by a great family in Atlanta as a result of your posting her. THANK YOU!!!" Karen Lively, Rescue Coordinator/Web Site/Administration, Knoxville - Knox Co. Animal Center. http://www.knoxpets.org

ADOPTED! Knoxville, TN

Molly... sweet and loving senior Lab mix, abandoned at the Vet Clinic

May 2003 -- Molly, a 6- to 7-year-old, 50-lb.Labrador Retriever mix, was abandoned tied to the gate of a vet clinic. She is moderately active, will make an excellent companion dog, seems to be okay with other dogs, and loves everyone she meets. Molly has tested heartworm positive. $75 adoption fee includes: spay, all shots except rabies (which her adopters should get within 5 days of adoption at their own vet), heartworm treatment, fecal exam, deworming, microchip, and vet check. She has some food aggression so she should be fed separately from other dogs, which works fine for her. Telephone: 865-215-6599. E-mail: KarenR2482@aol.com Shelter address: 3111 Division Street, Knoxville, TN 37919. Time is of the essence.

Adoption Report: E-mail received May 2003:

"Could you please remove Molly's listing from your site? She has been adopted. Both seniors you posted for us found homes via your web site. These dogs were saved directly because of their postings. Thank you very much!!!" Karen Lively, Rescue Coordinator/Web Site/Administration, Knoxville - Knox Co. Animal Center. http://www.knoxpets.org

ADOPTED! Leitchfield, KY

Gentle, Quiet, Sad George -- Just about Out of Time!!

March 2003 -- Shepherd/Beagle mix George is a gentle, quiet dog who sits sadly in his kennel waiting for adoption. He has a VERY short time before he will be put to sleep. Only 5 - 7 years old, he has many loving years to give to a family. New puppies have come into the shelter in the last two days, leaving little extra room for George. It is certain he will be euthanized, if no one adopts him now. Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA. E-mail: GraysonSPCA@aol.com More info on the Petfinder site.

Adoption Report: E-mail received April 2, 2003:

"I wanted to let you know that I am in the process of adopting George, the shepherd/beagle boy in Leitchfield, KY. When I saw his story on the homepage of the website, I couldn't resist contacting Tammy, who runs the Grayson County SPCA about him. I can't thank Tammy enough for going the extra mile for George in terms of helping me plan his relocation. George will be relocating to his new home with me in Oklahoma, where my family is excited about welcoming him! We expect him to fly in (literally) this coming weekend. Thanks very much for putting his story on the website. Another success! Regards, Martha Moore"

ADOPTED! Klamath Falls, OR

Simba, the Springer Spaniel, Deserves another Chance

February 2003 -- It is just plain rude to turn your faithful friend over after 12 years of companionship! Poor Simba has been so badly neglected and will need a SERIOUS grooming. But he is handsome underneath it all and has the most trusting eyes. He truly deserves another chance. Simba is neutered, housebroken, up to date on all shots, good with kids, and friendly with both dogs and cats. He would love to lie by your side while you read or watch TV. If you would be willing to foster Simba for just three weeks, he will become eligible for entry into a no-kill boarding facility. For more information, please email puglove@excite.com or call 1-541-850-8418.

Adoption Report: E-mail received March 3, 2003:

"Simba has been adopted! That is the third dog in three months, thanks to your site! Keep up the great work." shellyjeanne@excite.com

ADOPTED! Hendersonville, TN

Cuddles -- a Pekingese/Cocker Mix Whose Guardian Passed Away, Is a Perfect Lady!

November 2002 -- Cuddles is 7 years old, spayed, up to date on ALL vaccinations, has been regularly on heartworm prevention and Advantage for flea control. She is just 23 lbs., black with white on her chest. A small house dog, she will do her "business" both when on an outside walk on her leash, or on paper in the house. What a convenience! She is very sweet, very calm, and sleeps in her crate at night. Loves to lie on her pillow and play with her toys. Her deceased guardian was elderly, so she is not used to children. She has been boarded for almost 7 weeks; she needs a home very soon. Please E-mail: RN4PETS@aol.com

Adoption Report: E-mail received November 10, 2002:

"We found Cuddles a home!! Thank-you, so very much, for your care and concern and HELP! She is now living with a woman and her husband and the woman's sister.The husband is ill and they felt like he 'needed something.' So, they took her home and called me and said that she had given them ALL a new lease on life! Placing Cuddles in a good home was so important and we can't thank you enough for helping us." RN4PETS@aol.com

ADOPTED! San Francisco, CA -- Molly Has Moved to the Country!

San Francisco, CA. February 2002 -- The Senior Dogs Project is happy to report that tiny Molly, the Pomeranian mix who needed a new home, has found not just a new home, but indeed Paradise!

Molly had been surrendered at San Francisco's Animal Care & Control, and was not being put up for adoption due, in part, to her age (10 to 12). Shortly after we began running an ad for Molly on the srdogs site, Terri Welch of San Francisco offered to provide a foster home for her. While she was at her foster home, Molly got to enjoy playing with Terri's own two Poms. When Terri had to go out of town for the Christmas holidays, Marianne Hesse of San Francisco stepped in to take care of Molly. We heard from both Terri and Marianne that Molly was a wonderful little dog and deserved the best possible home. Well, she has found it!

Last Sunday morning, volunteer Sarah  Ramm helped deliver Molly to her new mom, Camille Buschman, who lives just north of San Francisco. As you can see from the photo, Molly will be living in a country-like setting, with a devoted animal lover. She will also have a "sister" kitty, Priscilla, who is not yet absolutely certain she wants to share her mom with Molly. Everyone is trying to cooperate, though, and to learn how to live peacefully together.

Camille wrote: "Molly is a delight and things went more peacefully yesterday -- steady progress in only 72 hours. This morning Priscilla felt brave/secure enough to toast herself in front of the fireplace. Molly doesn't seem to feel cold at all and didn't pay any mind to the frost on the ground this morning. I think she's enjoying herself, although she must miss Terri and her doggie friends. Got Molly a small, chicken-flavored rawhide chewbone, and yesterday she worked on it for two hours straight! No wonder she has such gorgeous teeth! I'd like to describe her every action and every expression, but will try to keep myself under control. Oh, yes, she does snore a bit and make the most darling sounds. I love it."

ADOPTED! Richmond, VA

Ben Lost his Forever Mom; the Family Wanted to Put Him Down

October 2002 -- Ben is a 10-year-old, 15 lb. HEALTHY Terrier mix. He has excellent eyes and ears and no arthritis. Ben is heartworm negative, neutered, current on shots. He is housetrained, calm, friendly and very sweet. Ben longs for someone to love him, as his guardian once did. He has been boarded for 4 years while his guardian was in a nursing home. She has passed away and her family wants to put him down rather than pay for continued boarding. The kennel staff can't bare to do this! Ben is a very nice little dog; still wagging his tail despite his situation. E-mail: CARSpets@aol.com

Adoption Report: E-mail received October 8, 2002:

"BEN WAS ADOPTED!!!! His new parents, as well as a lengthy waiting list of prospective parents, found him through srdogs.com." CARSpets@aol.com

ADOPTED! Greensboro, NC
On August 28, 2002, the Senior Dogs Project received the following E-Mail:"Hello Senior Dog Project, Thank you ever so kindly for your wonderful posting of HAZEL from friends Forever in Greensboro, NC. She has been adopted by a wonderful family who has other senior pets. They found her through your site. Your site is a priceless piece of the rehoming puzzle!! Again, many thanks on behalf of Hazel whose life you have changed for the better. This is a great success story. With best regards, Lucy Boette, Founder, Friends Forever" Greensboro, NC -- Hazel Was Attacked by Another Animal, then Left to Die by Her "Guardians"

June 2002 -- Hazel, a female, black Terrier mix, just under 10 lbs. and just about 10 years old was rescued by Friends Forever after her guardians refused to reclaim her from the local shelter. She had been attacked by another animal and was suffering badly. A kind vet asked Friends Forever to save her from being euthanized.

Friends Forever says: "We are a small, private, all-breed animal orphanage in Greensboro, NC, dedicated to finding permanent companion pet homes for animals in need. We are available daily by appointment. Our rescue pets live in an in-home environment until they are adopted. Our adoption process includes an application, a trial visit, an adoption contract with fee and follow-up after placement. All of our rescues are healthy, completely vetted, socialized, crate trained companion pets waiting to be adopted. We are thankful for each and every forever home we adopt to and appreciate all inquiries into adopting one of our rescue pets." Telephone: (336) 855-1899 or E-mail us at friendsforeveradoptions@hotmail.com
ADOPTED! Walnut Creek, CA -- Sweet, Shy German Shepherd Ginger

April 5, 2002 -- On April 2, we posted an "Urgent" ad for Ginger, a 9-year-old Shepherd mix who had captured the hearts of volunteers at the Contra Costa shelter. On April 5, we received the following E-mail:

"Thank you SO much for your efforts on Ginger's behalf. Happily, the ol' girl DID get adopted late this afternoon! Not, as it turned out, by anyone we expected, but, nonetheless, all of our efforts panned out so that Ginger was still alive this afternoon when her new mom did finally show up. It's uncanny how it happens that way sometimes. Anyway, here's the story:

"Ginger was scheduled to be put to sleep today, but I got a call from a woman in Fresno this morning who had seen her on the srdogs website and thought a friend of hers might be interested. So, when I went to the shelter around 11:00 AM, I was able to get her a stay of execution until tomorrow. I still hadn't heard from the Fresno woman by around 3:30, when an elderly lady showed up with her grown son and daughter to look for a dog. She'd been in yesterday, too, looking at some of our younger dogs. Although she seemed kind of frail to me, she'd had bigger dogs all her life and seemed determined to get another one. Today, I steered her to Ginger. The woman walked out of the shelter just before 5:00 with Ginger in tow. I was SO relieved and happy for her! Thanks, again, for your efforts. If it hadn't been for the woman who saw her on your site this morning, I wouldn't have gotten her extended through today, and she wouldn't have been alive to be adopted by this lady later this afternoon." Telephone: 925.933.2488. E-mail: mstrizich@aol.com


San Jose, CA -- February 22, 2002 -- Elderly Guardians Must Give Up Cockapoo Taffy -- Taffy is a 9-year-old Cockapoo (Toy Poodle and Cocker mix). Her guardians, who are 85 and 91, can no longer care for her due to their recent poor health and current living situation. A placement with a senior adult would be perfect! She is quite a sweetheart!

Adoption Report: E-mail received May 8, 2002:

"Thank you so much for all you do! You have helped us place Taffy (my grandparent's senior dog) into a wonderful home in Southern California. I received a number of inquiries thanks to your web site. You may now remove her ad as she is no longer available for adoption.

"Thank you again for your service...you are doing a wonderful thing! -- Debbie Candau, dcandau@ict.org

October 2002 update:

"This is just a note to update you on the adoption of Taffy. My name is Taffy, too, and, when I saw Taffy needed a home, I drove from Burbank, CA, to Livermore, CA, to adopt her back in April 2002. Her guardians were no longer to care for her. She is so precious and I felt so bad for 'Grammy and Granmpy,' that I drove her up to San Jose a couple of weeks ago so that they could see her again. I know that they were thrilled, and I feel as if I have made some very special friends. The trip may have been a long one, but it brought a lot of joy. I do keep in contact with them, and I send them pictures of her from time to time. It is so amazing that one little dog can bring so much love and happiness to so many people. I feel blessed that I found her on the srdogs site, and I love seeing the story of her being adopted. I can only hope that every dog that needs a home will find one. Keep up your good work. You are a guardian angel for many dogs." Taffy@areatradeco.com

ADOPTED! Maple Valley, WA (near Seattle)
Maple Valley, WA (near Seattle), October 15, 2001: "Pretty Boy" is a male, black and silver German Shepherd Dog. This guy is THE SWEETEST and absolutely most wonderful dog! He's probably around 10 years old, but has the energy of a 2-year-old. He is smart, intuitive and sensitive. He has obviously had excellent training, is reliable off leash and has impeccable house manners. He LOVES people and other dogs. Loves car rides, too. Pretty Boy has a sparkle in his eye that will capture your heart. You look into his eyes and feel like he is right there with you in mind, body and spirit! The years he has left (2 to 4 years, maybe?) will be the most rewarding years of your life. Adoption fee: $85. Second Chance Ranch, 19572 SE 237th Street, Maple Valley, WA (425) 432-4433.

Adoption Report:

March 14, 2002 -- We received the following E-mail:

"Pretty Boy's new mom is Wendy Jones, WendyJ@Progressiveintl.com. Wendy came out to meet Pretty Boy and was taken aback by his condition -- he is pretty severely crippled. Still, she took Pretty Boy home to foster him. Well, it was love at first sight really. Wendy has done SO MUCH for this dog! She has taken ten years off his age, and he continues to blossom with her love and devotion! I consider them both angels; another match made in heaven here on earth." Second Chance Ranch, katie@mybluedog.com

ADOPTED! Chesterfield County, VA

Chesterfield County, VA -- Chyna is a senior Chow mix who arrived at the Chesterfield county shelter in April 2001. The srdogs site began running an ad for her in November 2001.

Jdoption Report: January 23, 2002 -- We received the following E-mail:

"My foster baby, Chyna, found a forever home today after a loving couple found her ad on the srdogs website. When she arrived ar the shelter last April, she had an upper respiratory infection and was so matted that she was infested with maggots. She was immediately put on the 'short list.' A Humane Society Volunteer and a shelter worker recognized what a sweet disposition she had and put up a fight for her. In essence, they said, 'Young, cute, mean dogs get adopted all the time...this one just has grooming issues...where are the clippers?' So, Chyna was shaved and treated. What little hair grew back in the stress and stink of the shelter was matted with filth. She wasn't advertised and had no name then other than, 'bald baby in cage G9.' Late last year, I was asked to care for Chyna, when pressure was again on to put her down. There were still a few people wouldn't give up on her. I was horrified when I went to pick her up. She looked bad and smelled even worse! But, I got her shots and got her groomed. They had to shave her again. I could only provide a 'head shot' for the ad on srdogs. But, those who believed in her were right. She was the sweetest dog I have ever had the privilege of caring for. She had perfect manners with adults, children, cats, and other dogs. She liked nothing better than to snuggle in any human's lap, like an oversized baby. Chyna was adopted by a very wonderful couple today, after they found her ad on the srdogs website. She still has about three more months of hair growing to do, but she won them over with her heart of gold. They just lost a senior dog to cancer and wanted another loving, good-mannered senior. Thank you for you and your website." -- Nancy Pagel, Nancy.Pagel@TRW.com

Chyna with her new family.

ADOPTED! Sacramento, CA

Adoption Report:

January 2002 -- We received word that Jasmine was adopted, "...thanks to your site!"

Jasmine was in imminent danger of being euthanized at the Sacramento County shelter. A big but very sweet-natured Yellow Lab, about 10 years old, she had arrived at the shelter as a stray. When her guardian was contacted, he said she was no longer wanted. Her lovely, expressive face appeared in an ad on the srdogs site, to which her adopter responded. Lab Rescue helped get the word out, too. 916-875-5246 or 916-875-5258. Shelter address: 4290 Bradshaw Rd. E-mail: luvblacklabs@yahoo.com

ADOPTED! Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA -- Happy's family suffered illnesses and asked for help in finding a loving home for their devoted friend. To watch Happy, you would never guess his age, which is an incredible 18 years!! He is agile enough to play ball with wild pigeons! He nurses kittens, often sleeps cuddled with them, loves all dogs and is especially connected to his humans. When asked if he would like to go for a walk, he gets his leash and brings it to you. He speaks on command.. and knows three languages...English, Greek & hand signals. Easy going, precious loving companion. A very special type of doggie whose heart is worn on his sleeve. He so deserves to live out his life surrounded by warmth, love and happiness. Smiley Dog Rescue Telephone: 510-496-3484. E-mail: smileydogrescue@yahoo.com

Adoption Report:

December 19, 2001 Update: Happy is adopted! An E-mail message from Smiley Dog Rescue: "I can't thank you guys enough for the wonderful exposure for Happy, the 18-year-old Shepherd mix that you listed on your website for us! We have great news to report-- Happy was adopted by a great woman who saw him on your site! It will be a great home for him to spend the rest of his years. Thanks again for the great service that you are providing to the rescue community and thank you for helping dear sweet Happy!"

Happy with his new family.