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Lifestyle Choices for a Senior Dog’s Health, Safety, Comfort, and Happiness


Steadying Those Paws

Arthritis and decreasing muscle mass make your senior less stable on her paws.  Cover floors with non-slip mats and stairs with a non-slip runner to prevent slipping, sliding, and falling. Some dogs will tolerate wearing non-slip socks or nail attachments designed to prevent slipping.  Regular nail trimming to the proper length will also help.

If your senior regularly walks a flight of stairs, use a harness or vest with a sturdy leash attached so that you can assist as needed.  You don’t want her to slip and tumble down the stairs, and a vest or harness will help you prevent that — a collar won’t do that safely or effectively.  At the Senior Dogs Project, we like to use the kind of vest that has velcro attachments, making it quick and easy to get on and off.


nonslip mat