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A New Way to Fly with Your Dog!! -- Bark Air

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May 24, 2024  The new company says, "We are launching BARK Air because, despite incredible demand from dog people, there is simply no good or convenient solution to traveling long distances with your dog. We recognize and believe that life is better – for you and for your dog – when you are together. We have spent years talking to airlines about how to make flying with your dog more accessible, and because of their resistance, we decided to build the solution ourselves."

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Ninety Dogs and Jane Goodall's Ninetieth Birthday

March 2024 -- What a great way for a true animal lover to celebrate a BIG birthday!!!

Jane Goodall Is More of a Dog Person, Actually - The New ...

From the Jane Goodall Institute:  "On April 3rd, the world will observe the 90th birthday of Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, renowned ethologist, conservationist, UN Messenger of Peace, and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). ..."

She rebelled against the scientists who told her, when she was beginning her research, that animals should not be given names, but numbers.....that they had no "feelings," and that to assign any to them was ridiculous and should be avoided at all costs.

Thank goodness for Jane Goodall and the many ways in which she's has changed our thinking about animals and given us license to love and cherish them.

And, by the way, even though she's done research on apes her whole life, her favorite animal is -- you guessed it! -- the DOG!!!

How long can you leave a senior dog alone?

February 2024

Minimize Separation Anxiety: How to Prepare Your Dog For When You Return to Work - Dogtopia

Senior dogs are sometimes adopted because people want a dog who might like to sleep more than, and might not need as much attention,  as a puppy or young dog.

While these expectations might be somewhat accurate, senior dogs are actually quite varied in their needs for attention and exercise.  It depends on everything from the physique of the dog to the dog’s intrinsic rate of aging to the dog’s basic nature (e.g., laid back or acutely attentive).

A good general rule to follow is to include your senior dog in activities as much as possible, taking into account an assessment of the dog’s overall state of health and mobility.  You can assume that, even though the dog is senior, the desire to be active and, especially to be spending time with you are big motivators and that fulfilling those desires is the best route to the dog’s health and happiness.

For any dog of any age, it’s good to avoid long periods of leaving the dog alone.  Of course, you’ll be aware of the dog’s need for appropriate potty breaks.  Beyond that basic arrangement, all dogs of all ages need companionship and to feel “included” for a good part of every day.  Seniors might have a tendency to sleep a bit more than young dogs, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t lonely when left by themselves for extended periods.

Most of the dog care literature we’ve reviewed says that 4-6 hours is the maximum that a dog should be left alone.  This is just a guideline, however, and not necessarily one that you can expect will be appropriate for your senior dog.

If you've just recently adopted a senior, you also might need to consider the experiences that caused the dog to become homeless.  These experiences may create an increased need for your extending extra comforting and care during the first weeks, while you're getting acquainted.

Does having two seniors alleviate feelings of loneliness for each of them?  You betcha!  If you’re so inclined, you might want to consider having two seniors who will keep each other company during the times you need to be at work or fulfilling other obligations.  Remember, though, that your personal presence means the world to your canine buddies, and no other creature can substitute for that.

Ultimately, dogs are highly adaptable.  They can learn that, even if you must leave them for longer than the recommended period, you will come back to them.  And they will be as happy as ever to see you.