The Adoption Center

A number of very good apps make locating a senior dog to adopt really easy.  You'll find them listed below.  We encourage you to use any or all of these apps.  If you have some time, however, we suggest you browse the following listings  of agencies, which will give you the opportunity to learn about senior rescue groups that have been around for a while and that are known for their passion for doing  an especially good job of evaluating and rehabilitating seniors and for their insightful placement of senior dogs into their new homes.
Another page lists shelters and other rescue groups that always do the best they can with senior placement, even though they do not specialize in senior rescue.  Click on the heading for each category below to get to the listings.  The links to the websites of the groups will describe their mission and have photos and descriptions of available seniors:
  • Senior Dog Rescue Groups and Sanctuaries — This list is organized by state and describes organizations that will have dogs as young as six or seven years and sometimes into their teens. A number of these groups will also take in younger dogs, in order to help in situations where an elderly person can no longer care for the dog.  In addition to adoption, there will be opportunities for foster care and “hospice” care.
  • Shelters, Other Rescue Groups  — Also organized geographically, the list cites organizations that will have dogs of all ages, but have made a commitment to do all they can to adopt out the seniors who come their way.  They will usually start their “senior” category at seven years.  Both adoption and foster care are generally possible through these groups.
  • Breed Rescue Groups  –These organizations are focused on rescue of a specific breed and will have dogs of all ages, including seniors.  And, of course, you can offer to foster, if you're not ready to adopt.

If you don't have time to browse lists, following are apps you can use.  You can filter not only by zip code, but also by gender, size, breed, and age.

  • Petfinder 
  • Adopt-a-Pet
  • WeRescue
  • Interactive Map of Senior Rescues —   Dots on this map pinpoint the locations of senior dog rescues in the United States, and include a brief description and the opportunity to get driving directions via Google.  Senior dog rescue groups are forming all the time, so the map may not be up to date.