Rescue groups and shelters are grateful for volunteers in many areas of their operations -- from walking dogs to helping out at adoption events.  But, in fact, the entire world of senior dog rescue will be grateful to you not only for volunteering, but for acting as an advocate for senior dog rescue and adoption.

Here's what you can do:

To volunteer:  Find a rescue group or shelter where you can volunteer by using the lists and apps noted at this page of the srdogs site. The websites will have contact information through which you can let the groups know of your interest in volunteering.

For an inspiring look at the difference volunteering at a shelter can make, please see this video of Rocky Kanaka at a shelter:

To be an advocate: Acting as an advocate is simpler:  Use every opportunity among friends, family, and social media to present the case for senior dog adoption.  You can also promote the idea and encourage people to follow through by visiting The Senior Dogs Project site and the websites of rescues and shelters in your area, which all make a very strong case for senior dog adoption.