Hospice Care

“Hospice” or “palliative” care may be the best way for you personally to ease your mind and heart as you face the situation in which your dog has no hope of recovery. As with such care for humans, hospice care keeps a dog as comfortable as possible until he or she dies a natural death.

To help those who wish to provide hospice care instead of choosing euthanasia for their companion animals, the Nikki Hospice Foundation publishes the following mission statement:

“Promoting the right to make personal choices
concerning a terminally ill companion animal,
maximizing quality of life and informing the
veterinary community and the public
about the value of hospice care” 


Spirits in Transition is a website posted by a holistic veterinarian who writes, “I am a holistic veterinarian and was just told about your website. It is wonderful to see what an amazingly rich compilation of resources you are making available to those who are looking to caring for senior animals. Just as Misty was the one inspiring you to offer all this helpful information, it was my dog Momo who led me to understand that there can be more to caring for a dog at the very end of it’s life, other than euthanasia. This led me to be dedicated to making information on animal hospice care available to those who wish to learn about it. Many people found the information on my website exceedingly helpful.”

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Anthony J. Smith, DVM, offers compassionate end of life care and support for your pets in your own home. See Dr. Smith’s website. E-mail: rainbowbridgevet@sbcglobal.net     Phone: 510.381.3389