What’s Ahead….

The Road Ahead….Losing a Beloved Companion

Much too close on the heels of our dogs’ becoming seniors is the inevitable time when they will be going on ahead without us. We may do everything we can to care for our dogs and to maintain their health in the best way possible, but the day arrives when it becomes clear that they have “run out of gas.” All too often, we are forced into the position of having to aid our dogs as they reach the last steps of their journey through life. We hope that this page will be of help to those facing the pain and grief of the inevitable.

Ty, a dog who was loved dearly and is still deeply missed; euthanized following massive surgery for highly aggressive cancers. (Photo October 1997. Euthanized November 1998.)

Hospice Care
A choice you can make when there’s nothing
more that will help your dog get well again.

Is Euthanasia the Right Choice?

It is a good idea to give some thought to this question
before the  time comes to make the decision.

Sorrow and Guilt
Suggestions and resources for surviving loss….websites, internet resources and books

Poems, Stories, and Commentary
Rainbow Bridge and other selections

When Is It Right to Get Another Dog?