Misty, the 10-year-old Golden Retriever who inspired the Senior Dogs Project

The Senior Dogs Project
..........."Looking Out for Older Dogs" ...........

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
Sydney Jeanne Seward


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Other specialized types of listings:
Groups Dedicated to Senior Dog Rescue

There are senior dog rescue groups that are exclusively devoted to finding homes for older dogs. In some cases, these groups are involved in out-of-state rescues and adoptions.


There may be a sanctuary near you. Sanctuaries often put up for adoption older dogs they have rescued, and also, when necessary, offer care for life for dogs that are not adoptable. Best Friends sanctuary in Kanab, UT, encourages visits from animal lovers and permits out-of-state adoption.

Purebred dogs There is a rescue group for almost every breed of dog. It's also important to know that about 25% of all dogs turned into shelters are purebred. If you're looking for a specific breed of dog to adopt, check both the state pages and the listings of Purebred Rescue Groups.

There are a number of groups that match senior dogs with senior citizens. These programs are operated by a growing number of shelters and rescue agencies and offer many benefits to senior people (usually age 55+) who adopt senior dogs, including reduced fees for adoption and veterinary care.

A great site to find a dog to adopt or to advertise a dog in need of a new home!

PetHarbor.com is a not-for-profit website designed to connect the general public to the large amounts of data kept by the animal-care industry, which includes your local animal shelter, SPCA, Humane Society, county or city Animal Control, and many private animal-welfare organizations. The website is dedicated to those people who work in animal shelters. Our society has given to them a difficult and often heartbreaking task. It is a daily struggle that is largely unseen by the general public, and no pats on the back are given -- rarely do they ever hear a simple 'Thank you'. Yet day in and day out they meet their challenge with compassion, dignity, and humanity. From we who notice, Thank You.


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