The Senior Dogs Project


Photo:  Andy and Teri G. with 10-year-old “Tux,” adopted from Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, Pacific Grove, CA.  Photo by Jane Goldman,

Thinking about getting a dog? The Senior Dogs Project urges you to consider adopting an “older” dog — one over the age of five years. This site is dedicated to offering encouragement and guidance that will enable you to successfully provide a new home and a new life to a dog whose age some might consider a “negative” but whose overall tally is an unqualified “positive.” In the process, you will discover a great deal about your own capacity for compassion and for making the world a better place — and not only for the dog you adopt. As Ghandi once said, you can tell a lot about a society by the way its animals are treated. Treating animals with compassion and kindness enlarges our own hearts and, through our example, has the potential to expand the hearts and minds of those around us.